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Delltank Leasing has a fleet of various tank containers all over the globe. Our Depots and agents based in the following cities: Shanghai, Miami, Singapore, Malaysia, Rotterdam, Hong Kong and Darwin.

This network makes it possible to find solutions in any situation. We can be very efficient and save time and money on every step.

We offer various types of tank containers in our fleet. For all types of cargo, we can offer the right unit.

  • Bitumen tank container (cylindrical or box type)
  • Cement tank container (bulk powder)
  • Chemical tank container (various T-code types)
  • Food-grade tank container
  • Fuel tank, Diesel tank container 
  • Offshore tank

If you need a supplier of bitumen in any grade, Delltank Leasing can help you through our network to find a suitable solution. With over 20 years of experience, we can always help our customers and think along with their projects.

If you do business with Delltank Leasing, you don’t just buy a container, you also get a partner with knowledge about the product.