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Intermodal transport

The transport and logistics of tank containers and/or cargo should not be a concern for customers. We take care of the logistics, anywhere in the world. Delltank has the necessary experience and contacts to ensure that the transport of tank containers worldwide runs smoothly and efficiently. We always try to find the best price and the most flexibility. Whether it concerns transport by train, boat or truck, we can find a suitable mode of transport. Thanks to our extensive network of logistics companies, we can offer competitive rates. We can offer a logistics solution for almost any type of cargo. Think of transport of dry bulk, liquid, foodstuff, chemicals, gas, etc. We can also handle customs formalities.

We offer the following services:
• A complete import and export solution, including loading and unloading at the port of destination or origin.
• Deep sea freight from or to Rotterdam and other destinations – origin.
• We take care of the complete customs formalities.
• Diverse container transport options for FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than Container Load) and oversized (Out of Gauge) loads.
• Intermodal transport in a cost-effective and sustainable method to a large number of different destinations.


Benefits of Using an ISO Tank Container

Tank containers are indispensable for intermodal transport. From sea to road or via rail anyway. Tank containers make it possible to find the best option anywhere in the world.
Using ISO tank containers means that your liquid/bulk cargo is transported in a safe, cost-effective and reliable manner. Tank containers are designed according to ISO standard. This makes them very reliable and resistant to extreme pressure and damage. There is no chance that the ISO tank container will leak, no additional packaging material is required, the tank containers can maintain a specific temperature for temperature-sensitive cargo and they can be transported by road, rail or ship.


Why an ISO tank container?

Different types of cargo can be transported with an ISO tank container. Whether it concerns dry bulk, liquid or gas. With an ISO tank container, the cargo is well protected and can be transported efficiently. For example, from a ship directly over to trucking or even rail. Delltank has a diverse fleet of its own tank containers. This means we can almost always offer the right tank for your cargo. If you have any questions about the options, please contact us. We are happy to help you with a solution. On the basis of an MSDS sheet we can see which tank container is suitable.