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Whether new or used, from Rotterdam or Shanghai. Delltank Leasing BV offers intermodal iso tank equipment for your requirements. Quality container equipment is a priority for Delltank Leasing; we offer advanced products equipped with valve and accessories brand Guard China (Grande-Tek Flow Control Co., Ltd).

So, in addition to leasing/renting, you can also buy tank containers from us—specially built tanks or standard tank containers. 

All our tanks comply with international safety and ISO standards. If you let us build a modified tank, we will take care of the testing certification. 


New built tank container

Delltank Leasing BV also offers new built certified tank equipment. We have our unique designs, and we have high-end production methods. Delltank equipment is always certified and guaranteed the best quality. We can build tank containers according to customer’s requirements, such as specifications, lettering and logo's. 

We build various types of tank container constantly; below some examples of what we build.

  • Cement / Dry bulk Powder Tank (pneumatically operated) no tilting chassis needed
  • Bitumen Tank Cilindrical
  • Bitumen box type bitutainer container
  • Standard T11 ISO tank container 


Used tank container

If you are looking for a used iso tank container, a re-build bitumen tank is an available and tested condition, Delltank can help you.

We will check what is best for your cargo, please provide MSDS, and we will offer a suitable tank. Through our experience, we know what tank-type we need to provide for any cargo load. Our network always helps us to find the right tank container for the job.